Damian Galvin

Damian Galvin

Property Manager


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Damian Galvin

Property Manager

Brasov Romania

Specializări: Agent Imobiliar | Dezvoltator | Broker Credite Ipotecare
Telefon: +40 727606074

Despre Damian Galvin

I come from an Automotive Design & Manufacturing background in the UK for 24 years and was privileged to work for the best. I moved into Real Estate & Interior design from a passion for the subject.  Designing Car Engines for Jaguar taught me about brand loyalty & emotional attachment to one's work. Suspension design for Ford taught me about delivering excellence even on the simplest product or job. Moving onto Manufacturing, I worked in Ford Fiesta car production at Ford, which  taught me to think quickly, accurately & stand by my decisions. When producing cars every 42 seconds using 4000 men, there is no time to delay difficult decisions, have on-the-fence opinions.  Data driven, solidly thought out, quick-acting work is essential. From there, I had the great honor of working for 12 years for Aston Martin. First in Engine development, then suspension design & lastly, a 9 year marathon of Cost Reduction through Engineering, Finance & Purchasing. Here, I learned about power, beauty & soul in a product. 3 bywords of the product. Hard work & determination saw a small bunch of employees taking a failing, ridiculed company in 1994 to the solid, proud world class competitor is it today & I was a proud member of that effort.

Educaţie / pregătire

MBa, Automotive Management & Manufacture. Coverntry University, UK
MSc, Automotive Manufacture & Engineering. Coverntry University, UK
BEng with Honors, Automotive Engineering. Coventry, UK
Higher Diploma, Electrical & Mechanical Engineering, Leicester University, UK
ONC, Vehicle Technician, Brooklands Technical College, UK

Repere profesionale / experienţă

Real Estate

  • Property management
  • Rentals & Sales
  • Interior design
  • light construction, kitchens, bathrooms, furnishing
  • Renovation/ repairs
  • Finance
Engineering/ Manufacturing
  • Vehicle & Mechanical repair
  • Vehicle & Product production
  • High & Low Volume Manufacturing
  • Corrosion & Metals coating
  • Adhesives
  • High strength Composite
  • Plastic & metal molding
  • Business cost structure
  • Variable & Fixed cost optimization
  • Investment modeling & portfolio management


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