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Specialized Tools

We present three levels of tools adopted by a professional in his evolution from a beginner filled with suspicion, to a mature player who knows how to work with other market participants. Together, they generate more business than the sum of what each would have brought in by working separately.
Which is to say, 1+1=3!

RoREN core levels


Stop using improvised solutions. Organize your listings and auto-magically publish updates from your portfolio straight into your Web site. It's simple and free!


Your contact manager is the biggest investment you make for sales. Don't miss opportunities because you misplaced a piece of paper or lost your mobile phone. Centralize your contacts!


Basic (free)

Capture, organize, and manage you own listing and client portfolio.

Datalog Pro

It creates marketing materials when you need to sell and standard contracts when you close. So don't waste your time working hard, work smart on spotting the next big deal!

Memolog Pro

Impress your clients by anticipating their needs. Keep your relationships close like you could if you hired an entire team of administrative assistants.



Use the power of software to automate many back-office tasks. Work better together with your team, share information, and collaboratively record and classify opportunities.


The first B2B platform, derived from the MLS, which puts together developers and real estate brokers to better sell new developments.


Lenders work together with real estate professionals to publicize auctions and sell foreclosures fast.



Work together with other real estate professionals to better serve your clients and to close more deals. Engage in cross-selling and lead sharing by gaining the trust of other market participants.