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About RoREN

RoREN provides business networking opportunities and builds specialized tools for real estate professionals.

Business networking is facilitated both online and in the real-world through workshops, partner meetings, site visits, etc. Tools include ERP (listing and transaction management), CRM, and MLS.

RoREN is a company founded in 2005 and financed 100% with local funds.

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(the segment about RoREN starts at min 3:00 for 17 min.)

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bizspark startup

RoREN was featured among the best start-ups in the world part of the Microsoft BizSpark program. Microsoft featured RoREN as the most innovative Romanian online community for the way in which we integrate professional networking with specialized tools.

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RoREN's Mission



Our mission is to aid real estate professionals develop more business partners, broker more transactions and better serve their sellers and buyers of real estate;

By connecting professionals with similar specialties and interests as business partners; by creating a community of professionals that will act a reference point for trust and reputation in the market both among professionals as well as between professionals and their clients; and continued education and training for ever higher value of the services they provide.

Success is measured by a higher number of business partners and transactions, a better perception from buyers and sellers of brokering services and correlation between higher reputation of real estate professionals and their ability to sign more exclusive contracts.



Our mission is to shorten the time required to match supply and demand, to increase efficiency and transparency of real estate transactions;

By centralizing, verifying and continuously updating information about the supply on the market, by having a common set of rules .

Success is measured by reduced time in finding a buyer, reduced time in closing a transaction, smaller number of frauds, compared with transactions happening outside the system.



Our mission is to enable correct and rigorous valuation of real estate properties using market generated data as basis and not hearsay and personal opinions, to introduce a quantitative, objective measure in the price negotiation process, and to record and observe trends and directions in the real estate market;

By accumulating real market data to create a statistically-relevant valuation basis for the Romanian market and creating valuation reports that explain what makes up a price and what the trends in the market are.

Success is measured by one’s ability to value a piece of property pre-sale within 20% of its sale price, by the absence of drama in the negotiation process and the ability to explain more of the market trends.